Toddler Travel Tips and Ideas

I’m going to offer a few tips and strategies to aid you and your toddler during this holiday season. Don’t panic if you’re faced with the task of flying with young children this season. The entire process can be quite painless and actually enjoyable if you take the time to prepare for your journey. Toting toddlers and infants through airports can be a daunting task as is, don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be. Take these tips into consideration before you board your flight and you’ll have a much smoother trip.I know it’s difficult to travel “light” during the Holidays. Especially when you need to bring presents along with the normal luggage. I would recommend that you consider shipping your presents before departing on your flight. This way they’ll have already arrived and be nestled beneath the tree when you and your family arrive at your final destination.

Less crowds will mean less stress for you and your children. If it’s an option then it would be highly recommended that you fly during the non-peak hours. Monday through Wednesday and you’ll want to fly the red eyes if all possible. Sure, you might drag a bit the next day but it’ll pay off for you in the long run.
Pack plenty of games, snacks, drinks, and other activities in a nice “travel bag”. Great things to pack are coloring books, iPod, CD player, and portable DVD players.
It’s wise to pack in excess, you never know when you could possibly be bumped or be a victim of a lay-over.
Let your child have the window seat. Most kids will find the view absolutely wonderful and it’s much more safe for them to fly in the window seat than the aisle. This way there is a much less chance that they’ll have an appendage bumped or smacked by an aisle cart.
These are just a few of the helpful tips that will make your journey a little bit easier. Finally, remember that not everyone appreciate the joys of your child. Some parents choose to fly in the vicinity of the engines where the noise from the jets can dampen the voices of their kids.